6th Annual Forum of the EUSDR


The organisers of the Annual Forum will provide an opportunity to those active in the EUSDR to exhibit their projects and/or activities. In order to do so, please fill in the application form and send a scanned copy of it to dunakonf@mfa.gov.hu to indicate your intention to participate in the expo as an exhibitor.

The rental fee is 300 € +VAT for all stands that are of the same size.

Please note that the expo is a non-profit event and rental fees are solely intended to cover the expenses related to the design, production and assembly costs of the stands.

Rental fees include the stands (a pop-up counter with a chair, plus a table with three chairs) that are designed in accordance with the visual identity of the Annual Forum. The technical parameters of the counters can be found in the application form (width: 900 mm, height: 2200 mm, depth: 510 mm). Should you wish to include the logo of your institution/project in the design of your stand, you will be provided with the opportunity to do so; further information as to how you can include your own design, as well as the type and resolution of image we will require will be provided once the organisers receive your application.

The pop-up counter element of the stand can be disassembled and you are welcome to take it with you after the Forum, should you wish to use it at later events. Please note that the disassembly and transportation of the pop-up counters have to be arranged by the exhibitors.

The application process for exhibitors closes on 15 September 2017. Due to the limited capacity of the venue, a maximum of 21 stands are available at the exhibition area. After the organisers receive your application, a confirmation email will be sent to you, provided that there are available stands. Exhibitors have 10 days to fulfil their payment obligation following the date of the confirmation email. The organisers reserve the right to cancel applications in case the payment is not completed within 10 days.

Please note that the allocation of stands occurs on a first come, first served basis, in accordance with the order in which we receive payments. We will only be able to allocate a stand once we have received payment. If you wish to cancel your application the organisers will not refund you the received payments. The organisers reserve the right to change the allocation of stands and will consider the applications on an individual basis.


closed since 21 Sep 2017
Registration 1 Aug – 21 Sep
Event 18 Oct – 19 Oct
Language English, during the Plenary Sessions simultaneous translation into Hungarian is provided
Venue Budapest Congress Centre
Albania 4
Austria 69
Belgium 22
Bosnia-Herzegovina 18
Bulgaria 21
Croatia 20
Czech Republic 9
Estonia 1
European Institutions 4
Finland 2
France 3
Germany 92
Hong Kong 1
Hungary 306
Italy 6
Japan 2
Kosovo 3
Luxembourg 2
Moldova 18
Montenegro 5
Republic of Macedonia 3
Romania 98
Serbia 47
Slovak Republic 59
Slovenia 32
Spain 1
Switzerland 3
Ukraine 40
United Kingdom 1
United States 4
Total 896
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